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3D-visual interpretation or plain objective description?

  • wouterretuow by wouterretuow

    is it better to describe the galaxies as 3D-objects, or should we stick to a naive description of what the picture actually shows? Any blue #nodules are probably star-forming regions, but that's interpretation best left to professionals, isn't it? Also, not every elongated nucleus is a #bar, nor is every object at the galaxy's rim an #arc or a #lensing. I just report #blobs in suspect locations. Is that good enough?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi wouterretuow

    Here on GZ we do visual classifications, so just answer the questions as well as you can and that will just fine. For instance if you think the galaxy has a bar, classify it as having a bar. Lots of people will get the same image to classify and it will all work out.

    Just have fun and thanks for participating !

    Happy hunting !