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Problem with classifying of something :-/

  • tarmi by tarmi

    Hi everybody! I have a problem with this object:
    Because of the color I would say it's a star, but then again... Is there a possibility that this is a galaxy?
    Thanks in advance.


  • PDXDave by PDXDave

    I think those Hubble objects are mostly young galaxies from a long time ago, far far away. Lacking a lot of detail, it's hard to classify them in detail but they are at least round or oblong, even if they are so fuzzy as to show no detail. Many will show tails or mergers.


  • Tomasm21 by Tomasm21

    probably a galaxy. So far far away and moving from us. Very red shifted. Can't say what type.


  • alexander_kaver by alexander_kaver

    very very red shifted galaxy