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Is there any way to check when a picture was uploaded to the GalaxyZoo/SkyServer website?

  • klstixbro by klstixbro

    Just as it says above. I've classified quite a few pictures of galaxies and seen quite a few comments that are "a year old" or "two years old". I was just curious if there was any way I could check the age of a photo for certain ones that don't have comments that grant a bit of insight. Thanks.


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to klstixbro's comment.

    Hi and welcome to the Zoo 😃

    There is no way you can tell when an image was uploaded to the classification database. Even looking at the age of comments can be somewhat inaccurate, as not every volunteer who classifies an image chooses to leave a comment.

    Hope this helps!