Galaxy Zoo Talk


  • planetaryscience by planetaryscience

    I'm not sure if it's my computer or something else, but every time I try to go onto galaxy zoo in firefox it gives me an error - "Galaxy Zoo is currently down for maintenance—we're looking for more galaxies!" However I can log on fine using internet explorer. Help, anyone?


  • mlpeck by mlpeck in response to planetaryscience's comment.

    I got the same message a few days ago, but it was immediately replaced with an image to classify. I haven't seen it in the few times I've contributed clicks since then.


  • vrooje by vrooje admin, scientist

    I think there's something a little weird with the page loads going on -- it may load that message as a "holding" message while it's waiting for the galaxy to load! So if for some reason the galaxy takes a moment to load, it looks like the site is down. I'll ping the developers and make sure this is what's going on. If it is, it does look weird, but there's nothing technically wrong as long as a galaxy loads pretty soon afterward. If it happens again and again and a galaxy never does load, the site may actually be down.