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Using Galaxy Zoo as an educational tool – Help needed

  • Vera06 by Vera06


    I am new to Galaxy Zoo and I can’t seem to find my way here…and I would appreciate your help..

    I would like to use galaxy zoo as an educational guide and to use the merger simulation tool, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore and I can’t run the applet on my computer.. any suggestions? Can I download it and use it offline?

    Any suggestions on how to use Galaxy Zoo as an educational tool?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated




  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    Welcome to Galaxy Zoo, Vera06! 😃

    A good place to start might the Zooniverse Education website, which describes what this part of the Zooniverse is about, what tools are currently available for educators such as yourself, and where to go to get more information and help.

    Happy hunting.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    I don't know if the Merger Galaxies simulation is taken off-line, I would suspect so. Does it work for anyone? It doesn't for me.

    NASA has some simulation results but perhaps you are wanting to run simulations with the students? It might take a supercomptuer.


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to Budgieye's comment.

    As far as I am aware GZ mergers has been offline for several years. I did hear a rumour at ZooCon that it might be coming back, but nothing concrete.

    @echo-lily-mai might know?