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NOT a GZ question! Anyone know how to read files in HEASARC's tdat format?

  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    I have the IRAS Point Source Catalog, downloaded from this HEASARC website, as an unzipped ~64MB .tdat file (heasarc_iraspsc.tdat). This webpage describes the format (tdat? "Transportable Database Aggregate Table (TDAT) Format"), which is nice, but all I want is the data, plus some names for the columns. I could probably write Python code to read it (probably take me a day or two), but I thought I'd ask here, to see if anyone has already encountered this problem, and has a convenient solution.

    I have posted this in RGZ Talk, and will post it in the new Zooniverse Talk ...


  • c_cld by c_cld

    Hi Jean,
    You could in Excel open this file (unzipped) and convert it using the pipe(|) as delimiter.

    Hope this helps


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to C_cld's comment.

    Thanks C_cld, this is a very helpful suggestion! 😃

    I'd first need to break it up into several pieces (at ~250k rows, it's too big for OO Calc - the spreadsheet I use), which I think I have an app for, and then convert it to a CSV by replacing 'pipe' with 'comma' (or something more common) as delimiter.