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The questions you ask me to answer never appear ....

  • surfelvis by surfelvis

    For the third time, in the middle of classifying, I suddenly got a pop-up window asking me to answer some questions because I had agreed to do so earlier. I again answered "Yes", but then I never got any questions and am instead right back at the classifying screen. I checked my pop-up blocker, and I had already added galaxy zoo a long time ago to my exception list so no pop-ups would be blocked. Don't know what is causing the problem, but I'm willing to help out in any way I can. Maybe there is another link I can go to to answer the questions? Please let me know if you have encountered similar problems and/or know of a fix. Thanks!


  • sat666leg by sat666leg

    this same thing happens every time to me..only last time was about the 7/8th time... in fact it's done that once a week since i joined the site..? but not to worry..


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    The quizzes got retired a long time ago, but the pop-ups keep popping up. It is a known bug. Just ignore them.

    Happy hunting ! 😄