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Rings or lensing?

  • shawnkm by shawnkm

    I'm a newbie. I classified this as ring w/ bar. Not sure about blue objects surrounding core?


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Interesting sim.

    Bars are difficult to see as a galaxy appears nearly edgeon. Then to me, every nucleus looks barred and I can't decide if it really is barred. If several people get different results when they classify a galaxy, the fact that they disagree is useful information, it means that the galaxy doesn't fall easily into one category.

    The orange disk around the galaxy looks like an ordinary disk,

    The white thin rings above the disk look like polar rings to me, These are torn up remnants of small galaxies orbiting the big galaxies. But it is still a ring.

    I am not sure which blue objects you are talking about.

    enter image description here