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Who is in charge of editing GZ webpages, to fix stuff that's wrong?

  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    For example, the Galaxy Zoo Science Team page does not mention Brooke Simmons or Kyle Willett, yet both are (obviously) very active members of that team.

    For example, the Galaxy Zoo 1 data release page - (you'll have to excuse the mess the Talk interpreter made of the URL, it thinks that anything with letters after a hash is a tag!) - says this: "Table 3 gives classifications of galaxies included in the Galaxy Zoo sample which did not have spectra available in SDSS Data Release 7." This is, at best, extremely misleading (DR7 galaxies with spectra are certainly included in Table 3; in fact all such with z > 0.25 are there, along with many that have z < 0.25).