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Finding objects in GZ Talk

  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    Suppose I am interested in this object:

    Its name, here in GZ Talk, is AGZ0001yq5. From the GZ Talk Examine page for this, I can see that its SDSS ObjectID is 1237656496180822308, that its RA is 344.475485897645 °, and its Dec is 14.5917747798615 °.

    If I put the first into GZ Talk Search (second drop-down menu item under Home), I get a Comment thread under that name. However, if I enter any of the others, I get nothing. (In GZ forum, you can, I think, find not only posts which mention a particular SDSS object by its ID, but also those which include an SDSS image which includes that ObjId in its URL).

    Is there, in fact, a way to find objects in GZ Talk by searching for their SDSS ObjIds? or their SDSS names (SDSS J225754.11+143530.4 in this case)? Can you do a cone search, and ask for all GZ Talk objects within 0.5' of (344.475485897645, 14.5917747798615), say?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    I'm also going to bump this older Help thread discussion I started.

    The Upgraded Talk finds this particular discussion, when the SDSS ObjectID is entered, or the RA (full string, not partial) or Dec (ditto).

    In this Talk, Search will also find this discussion if you use the SDSS name, provided the whole thing is enclosed in double quote marks.

    However, it seems that Search does not look in Galaxy Zoo Examine.

    Is there a way to Search in Galaxy Zoo Examine?