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What is it?

  • lilymaddy by lilymaddy

    What is the black line?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    #artifact. For this type of artifact, however, I do not know the cause. The nice, highly-inclined spiral which appears close to the center of the image is not, it would seem, the object intended to be classified! 😮 Rather, that's a small yellow smudge in its outskirts. That's likely a background elliptical, making this an #overlap (more than one, most likely).

    Oh, and somehow <b> got set; in the OP? This post showed up as bold, in a larger type, in Preview, until I added </b> at the beginning of this post (of course, that is non-display HTML tag, so you can't see it!). This is the second time today that I've had to do this.