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Pixelated images?

  • Spacer_fielding by Spacer_fielding

    Greetings to all :

    During my last stint at classifying, I got a dozen or so images like this (maybe 30% of items). They are heavily pixelated and little to no details are visible.

    I have been tagging these as Stars/ Artifacts and noting : 'Pixelated image; cannot see details' or similar.

    Any ideas or guidance? New hashtag #pixelated ?

    Regards, Spacer Fielding


  • fatha731 by fatha731

    Actualy those are images from the Hubble Telescope. Most of them look like this. You can detect if they are Hubble pictures while classifying. Note the button left of the favourite button. There it either says SDSS for SDSS pictures or Hubble for Hubble pictures. So you should proceed with your classification as normal because most of the pictures are not artifacts but really distant galaxies which ate therefore highly pixelated. Hope this helps.