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  • coco12 by coco12

    i really want to know what happens in this area


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to coco12's comment.

    It's certainly a striking image! 😮

    The part on the left seems - to me - to be a nearly edge-on disk galaxy: there's a nice wide dust lane and a bulge peeking over the edge. The orange circle rimmed in yellow? That's trickier ... it could be a foreground star, and its odd appearance due to the way the image processing software handles point sources (which is what stars are) 'backlit' by diffuse emission (which is what that part of the galaxy is). If there were a spectrum of both the bulge/nucleus and the orange circle (or, better, one of each), it would surely be easy to work out what's going on; unfortunately, there seems to be no SDSS spectrum of this object ... 😦