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Simple cigar-shaped or edge-on

  • xanthi373 by xanthi373

    How could I distinguish between a simple galaxy cigar-shaped and an edge-on without spirals? For example, is this one simple cigar shaped?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to xanthi373's comment.

    My basic rule of thumb is this: if it's got 'pointy ends' (or would have but for this or that obstruction/fading out/whatever), then it's an edge-on (or highly inclined) spiral; otherwise, cigar-shaped.

    So this one looks, to me, like it has pointy ends, so it's a spiral (not quite edge-on though), with a very small bulge.

    But, as they say, call it like YOU see it! 😄

    There's a more technical way to distinguish between ellipticals and edge-on (or highly inclined) spirals, namely the ratio of the minor axis to the major axis; no 'true elliptical' is more elliptical than E6 by this measure (there's a formula; ask if you're interested), and most/many E6 true ellipticals are dwarf ellipticals. There's a GZ blog post on this, and a few GZ forum posts/threads too; holler if you're interested!

    Happy hunting! 😃