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  • waldo3 by waldo3

    At "7 O'Clock" on the galaxy image there is a lensing event, a circle of arcs surrounding a black area with no visible object at the centre. I do not think that this is an artifact of the imaging but a real lensing event. Please investigate further. (No pun intended).


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Probably an artifact. There was probably a cosmic ray hit on the ccd chip, making a mess. The software circles the mess, removes the hit, then tries to smooth everything over in the hope that nobody will notice.

    These images are taken apart and put back together in an alarming way. see if you are a computer type person which I am not.

    In dr7 images, we used to see more of them.

    The software in dr8 removes more of them, but sometimes it may start removing starburst areas too.