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  • DrMikeOzoneM by DrMikeOzoneM

    Although this could well be an artefact obscuring the Galaxy, it certainly appears as though an unusual jet is somehow in contact with the lower right side of the Galaxy. Is this something usual?


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to MikeOzoneM's comment.

    Hi Mike,

    Not a jet - but a a separate galaxy 😃 I am having a look and although it does look like they are connected / interacting - I am not so convinced. The bottom right edgeon galaxy is certainly disturbed,but the central galaxy shows no signs of interaction.

    The next step would be to compare the redshift (Z) or photoZ of each galaxy to compare the distance from earth..

    You can easily access this information on SkyServer - here is the link.

    Do post any other questions 😃