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Barred Spirals

  • oomloff by oomloff

    October 6-9, 2015
    Is the following conception of (BS) galaxies, common knowledge in the field of gravitational

    I have reason to believe that the bar in barred spiral (BS) galaxies is created during the

    gravitational elliptical capture of two galaxies in process of galactic collision by the immense gravitational

    field created by the two most super singularities, each located at their respective galactic centers. A

    semi-prolated spheroidal (squashed football long axis) shape of the gravitational field is created by a

    highly eccentric, elliptical bi-orbit of the two super singularities, and is responsible for the stellar mass

    accumulation and stellar creation along the bar axis on each side of the barycenter of the singularities

    over a long period of time as the gravitational field associated with stellar mass and the singularities

    begins to collapse toward the horizontal axis line of the bar as the bi-orbit speeds up. The axis line of

    the bar should coincide with changing focal points of the bi-orbital ellipse of the singularities and

    gravitational forces associated with the trailing arms of stellar mass. I think that the number of

    galaxies in collisions can be determined to a reasonable probability within 1 by the number of bars in a

    spiral galaxy. I believe that the gravitational forces of orbital precession of the super singularities is

    responsible for the gravitationally induced (effected) coriolis forced orbits of stellar mass in opposing

    directions about the horizontal bar axis each side of the barycenter before and after unification of the

    oomloff, (Semi-Autodidact 69 years +) Astrophysics,