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M82 look-alike? with superwind

  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    There is red in the halo of this galaxy.

    enter image description here DECaLS
    enter image description here SDSS

    enter image description here

    Red colour is due to hot hydrogen. See peak at 6700,

    much like M82, #NGC 3034, NGC3034, Cigar Galaxy

    hot hydrogen is green at z=0.03

    enter image description here M82 in SDSS

    enter image description here M82 in Hubble

    enter image description here M82

    This is the spectrum taken from the green emission.

    enter image description here DECals

    any close neighbours? I don't think so.

    enter image description here M82 and M82 in SDSS

    Neighbour below M81 caused the massive starburst and hydrogen outflow in M82


    Explanation: Also known as the Cigar Galaxy for its elongated visual
    appearance, M82 is a starburst galaxy with a superwind. In fact,
    through ensuing supernova explosions and powerful winds from massive
    stars, the burst of star formation in M82 is driving a prodigious
    outflow. Evidence for the superwind from the galaxy's central regions
    is clear in this sharp telescopic snapshot. The composite image
    highlights emission from long outflow filaments of atomic hydrogen gas
    in reddish hues. Some of the gas in the superwind, enriched in heavy
    elements forged in the massive stars, will eventually escape into
    intergalactic space. Including narrow band image data in the deep
    exposure has revealed a faint feature dubbed the cap. Perched about
    35,000 light-years above the galaxy at the upper left, the cap appears
    to be galactic halo material. The material has been ionized by the
    superwind shock or intense ultraviolet radiation from the young,
    massive stars in the galaxy's core. Triggered by a close encounter
    with nearby large galaxy M81, the furious burst of star formation in
    M82 should last about 100 million years or so. M82 is 12 million
    light-years distant, near the northern boundary of Ursa Major.


  • sat666leg by sat666leg in response to Budgieye's comment.

    no close if the hot H peak is signified @ 6700 and should be green @ Z = 0.03 and its red. then it's an overlap.? because the light is red shifted..? question @ what Z should hot H be red..?


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Hot hydrogen is

    green at z=0.0002 the M82 galaxy "nearby" 😃

    red at z=0.03 AGZ000au55 (at this redshift, the green colour has been redshifted to red)

    see Galaxy Redshift Guide

    So an overlap would be exciting, but I can't see it. But I should put this in objects that need more research.


  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd

    There are

    single band I2 CFHT image and images from Subaru telescope available

    Can post them a bit later if any of interest


  • sat666leg by sat666leg in response to Budgieye's comment.

    so the hot H @ Z=0.03 should be red.. the Z of this galaxy is Z= 0.031.. so it must be a halo..? i've taken a good long look at this galaxy in DR2.. just to see the physics of the merger. ie . how the 2 galaxies have come together to form a 2 arm loose Bs (if that is the correct classification).? the bulge seem to be inclined by about 10-15 degrees to the plain of our view..edge on.? the 2 galaxies seam to have turned to align themselves. to come straight at each other.? ( is there enough mass to do this).? and to retain a undisturbed halo.???.well i'm just going to jump in with both feet.. i think it is what it is? a 3 way merger.? a large elliptical drawing in at a high velocity 2 smaller ellipticals from opposite directions giving a combined mass in either direction of 1 large + 1 small elliptical. hence straight in from either side stretching the 2 smaller galaxies so less disturbance of the halo. it looks like 3 bulges merging right at the centre very close almost touching 3 distortions, ultimately destroying what looks like a 2 arm loose Bs. just leaving a smoking gun but in 2 directions..(long shot) look @ RA: 158.68117 DEC:3.60984 @ 7 o'clock, only a (vapour) trail left of the smaller merging galaxy..


  • sat666leg by sat666leg

    theres still something nagging me about this.. maybe it is just a merger of 2.?
    il have to learn more about halo's and dark matter and brush up on gravity and how the 3 combine in a merger. to see how it effects the halo.?