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understanding irregularity

  • DrCarmel by DrCarmel

    I like this one, but it's hard to classify. Is this an arm or tidal debris or both and where is the centre and what are the brighter spots and the small blob at the bottom left? Nice.


  • GabyB by GabyB

    My guess was a merger between the two central galaxies with lots of debris. It looks like the leftmost galaxy has at least some spiral structure to it, but it's hard to tell if the long arm is just that or a streak of debris. 😕 As for the blob at 4 o'clock, could be a chunk of debris, but I'm definitely not an expert on the subject. 😃 I'd be interested to hear from some of the mods on this one.


  • Rick_Nowell by Rick_Nowell

    The object slightly below the centre is a foreground star in SDSS: