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  • nickwingham by nickwingham

    could this be a supernova at the edge of a galaxy or is it more likely to be a separate galaxy behind the one towards the bottom of image??


  • zoob1172 by zoob1172

    GZ1 GZ2 cats spiral weak 3M #starforming compact #Sbc LTG .082368 & LTG .082546 1237648721769070778 smooth S0 3M SE and 6 more .082s about


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator in response to nickwingham's comment.

    Hi nickwingham and welcome to the Zoo

    Definitely not a supernova. It could be a foreground/background galaxy. And it could also be a star forming area in the galaxy.

    Happy hunting ! 😄


  • CeciliaB by CeciliaB in response to nickwingham's comment.

    The round object in the center of the image is a galaxy with z=0.08199. The bigger galaxy below it has z=0.08238, so they are not too far from each other.