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What is the round red/orange dot at the edge od the picture?

  • Capella.cebine.ragn by Capella.cebine.ragn

    Hi everybody.
    I'm new here, at galaxyzoo.
    When you look, at this galaxy, it just look like a "normal" E3-4 elliptical galaxy, but if you look closely at the corner of the pictrue, there is this quite perfect round dot. I thought, at first glamse, that this might could be a supernova. But first of all, Elliptical galaxies mostly hace old stars, and little to no star formation. I also think it might be a little to pefectly circular to be a supernova remenent?
    What do you think? Sorry if there is any mistakes, but my English is quite bad.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi Capella.cebine.ragn and welcome to the Zoo

    This is actually a simulated galaxy from the Illustris data set. (More info here :

    And these simulated galaxies are placed in original backgrounds. So, the red dot at the bottom is just a foreground star from our galaxy (sadly not a supernova ! )

    Hope this helps and happy hunting !😄