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Purple Voorwerp?

  • IP0nderz by IP0nderz

    Could this be a Voorwerp next to the host galaxy? It seems to be brighter than its host/ neighbor, so maybe the AGN fizzled out and this is a (brighter) light echo?


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Hmm, there are many hot emissions in the spectral chart. Hα Hβ H γ It is hotter than I would have expected.

    photoz 0.047832


  • NGC3314 by NGC3314 scientist

    I think that's a compact intense star-forming region that we might call a Pea if it were by itself instead of part of (or interacting with) the large galaxy - the spectrum has emission-line ratios that fit for being lit up by hot stars rather than an AGN. The SDSS image looks funny - it may have saturated in some of the filters, giving the ringlike appearance. I checked it in the Pan-STARRs images - the knot is quite compact. (For those who haven't found it, Pan-STARRs used a somewhat smaller telescope and does not go as deep as SDSS, but covers more of the sky and goes one filter farther into the infrared. Their image-cutout server is

    Compact star-forming regions less isolated than peas are sometimes seen, even in the arms of spirals. I recall that NGC 5430 has a particularly powerful one, loaded with Wolf-Rayed stars.