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Shouldn't we also have a button for 'overlap'?

  • JeanTate by JeanTate

    This is the first obvious overlap I've had to classify, in the new GZ. In the old one, I often came across objects which I thought were not (obviously) merging, but were (pretty obviously) overlapping. There was no way to indicate this, other than by clicking the 'Other' button. I feel there should be.

    Also, I clicked and clicked the 'Other' button, but nothing happened! I could only get out of 'click jail' by clicking 'Done'. Doesn't seem like a good design feature to me ...

    #overlap #questions

    UPDATE: added hashtags! 😃
    UPDATED UPDATE: the 'question' hashtag is 'questions' 😦


  • klmasters by klmasters scientist, admin

    So the answer is the hashtags too. For odd things like #overlaps which we expect to be very rare we did not include a button, but would love expert users to make collections of them here on talk (using hashtags to help). 😃