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  • turelli by turelli

    this is part of a much larger structure. #nebula?


  • turelli by turelli

    or the remnants of a highly disturbed galaxy


  • jstoke by jstoke

    One very, very small part (quite large) of the Orion Nebula.


  • fatha731 by fatha731

    Now I checked the PhotoZ, even if we deduct the Errz that would still make it millions of light years from us and not 1344 light years. So for me it's a HH (which is also how it's noted in SIMBAD). Anyone else?


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    incorrect photoZ in pretty example in Orion's sword

    tip of Orion's sword

    What a pretty sight! And it is visible to the unaided eye in the night sky, the red blob in Orion's sword.

    enter image description here

    A good example of how photoZ is sometimes wrong. It has photoZ of 0.237 If it is in our galaxy, it's redshift should be zero. z=0.00 The Orion nebula is about 1,500 light-years away.

    You can judge the distance of galaxies by their colours.
    Colours of Galaxies in SDSS : Redshift chart

    So if you look for "what can be green?" on the redshift chart, you can see that PhotoZ has identified it as a "green pea" at z=0.2

    nebulae list in the forum