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Cluster of....?

  • mdNomad by mdNomad

    I'm new here so I'm looking for a little guidance on how exactly I should have classified this. I didn't really see a "cluster" choice.


  • fatha731 by fatha731

    Actually, the answer "cluster" is only available for Hubble images. What you see in this picture is a smaller galaxy interacting ( if not merging ), with the big one ( just outside the frame ). Due to the strong gravitational forces there is starformation going on in the small galaxy. Those are the blue dots you see ( ionized gas, usually O2 O3 ). Also the centre appears very bright, so there could be an AGN. So in order to classify this, "merger" and "other" and "disturbed" in the "odd" section would be probably appropriate. The rest is easier to make out. Hope this helps.