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No idea

  • RayGeorge by RayGeorge

    No idea how to classify this. please help.


  • Ashley_James by Ashley_James

    There is a star in the lower left (the blue blotch) which can be ignored, however behind that seems to be another 3 masses. One directly above, one directly to it's right which both appear blueish also and there is a slightly elongated one to the top right of the center mass. It may appear to be an #edgeon galaxy, it's not clear enough to tell if the other 2 masses are apart of the elongated one, even though they are very similar in size, density, luminosity and appear to share the same dust cloud. Best I could offer would be a guess at an #edgeon galaxy without enough clarity to tell otherwise.


  • RayGeorge by RayGeorge in response to Ashley James's comment.

    Thanks for the insight giving me a bit more understanding.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    The central, object, which you are supposed to classify, is a very faint and fuzzy galaxy. Definitely not an edge. on.
    I'd go for fuzzy spiral or irregular.