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Possible Lens: Ukidds vs SkyServer Image

  • jedkat by jedkat

    obviously this is a ukidds image. I looked this picture up in skyserver and could not find any indication of lensing or an arc, but in infrared it does look to have some features. Anybody care to add some insight?


  • KWillett by KWillett scientist, admin, translator

    That's very neat, @jedkat - definitely a possible lens candidate, just from glancing at it. Redder colors (as we see in the UKIDSS images) are possible lenses. I'd suggest maybe cross-posting a screenshot of this on the SpaceWarps Talk and see what the experts there have to say.


  • zutopian by zutopian

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    Possible Lens: Ukidds vs SkyServer Image (from Galaxy Zoo)