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Better help system required

  • MikeOborn by MikeOborn

    I have found the help file that shows popular hashtags but not a single explanation of any of them. Searching galaxy zoo I have found graphical examples of #bar #cluster and #dustlane but what on earth do #agn #fhb and #ring JUST FOR EXAMPLE MEAN? You would get a far more meaningful classification if everyone had a clear idea of terminologies - we are not all experts. Others use hashtags not in the popular listing.
    For example is this image #ring of debris. Its really too small to show. Should I describe it at the first screen as "Smooth" "Features or Disk" or "Star or Artefact"? If subsequent screen indicate I might have wrongly classified it, there is no way to go back and correct. I am stuck with just choosing the least descriptive responses to get out of this classification cycle.
    So a lot more user friendly help file and decision trees required if you want us non-experts to really make accurate classifications.


  • planetaryscience by planetaryscience

    Sounds like a good idea, and about your "there is no way to go back and correct" When looking at the classification area, and to the upper right. There is a "restart" button if you accidentally made a bad classification. Otherwise, that is an interesting note that I think should be looked into doing.