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How to distinguish cigar shaped vs disc edge on

  • Nawedy by Nawedy

    Sorry about all the posts, but I keep having trouble classifying them. Just a though: Maybe it'd be good to have some examples before getting started. It'd be helpful to know if I'm classifying a few correctly instead of having no idea from the beginning!
    Anyway, is this a cigar shaped galaxy or a disc viewed edge on? Maybe even a spiral edge on? How do you tell the difference?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    This is definitely an edge on. From this image it is not possible to see if it is a disk or a spiral. It could be either.

    As for the difference between a cigar shaped and an edge on : smooth - cigar shaped looks fuller (I know this is very subective).

    But don't worry too much. These images get to be classified by a lot of people and sometimes there is no wright or wrong answer, because it is not possible to make the distinction.

    Just give it your best shot and happy hunting ! 😄