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Two #unusual objects left of center

  • Gutrocks by Gutrocks

    What are the two strange objects at 9 o'clock left edge and the other at 10 o'clock?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Gutrocks's comment.

    The '9 oclock' ones are stars in our own galaxy (you can see them if you click 'Galaxy Zoo examine', and then 'View on SkyServer', then 'Navigate' in the panel on the left, under 'PhotoObj').

    The green thing is very likely a ghost; if not, it's certainly some sort of artifact.

    This is the center of a rich cluster of galaxies; cool SDSS image:

    enter image description here


  • Mei_Misaki by Mei_Misaki

    I guess it is outside the Solar System or the Galaxy. All the stars are very bright, specially the blue one. In this image, it's even the biggest one. I guess that we should start researching on it.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    The stars we see in these images are all stars from our own galaxy.