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Foreground stars or a group of small galaxies?

  • Vorvadoss by Vorvadoss

    These have the "fuzzy" look of galaxies, instead of the hard edge I have seen on stars, but I am unsure. Have not seen anything like this yet. Do we have a group of galaxies in front of a number of other background galaxies including a pretty perfect edge on spiral, or did the scope focus on stars in the foreground?

    Either way, very cool looking.


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Vorvadoss's comment.

    It's a bunch of ETGs (a.k.a. elliptical galaxies), most likely near the heart of a rich cluster, as you can see in this SDSS image of the field (different scale and orientation):

    enter image description here

    Yes, it is cool! 😃