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Whats the bright object seen to the left of the main galaxy?

  • i3iorn by i3iorn

    I haven't done this alot but from the little experience I have it kind of looks like a supernovae. I tried to do search around the internet and found nomention of it though. I found another picture of the same galaxy and it looks the same which makes me think its not a supernovae. But it got me thinking as to how you can be sure from just a picture like this.

    So two questions. Whats the bright spot a little to the right in this picture? What characteristics would a supernovae have that I can find in these images if I get confused in the future?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    The bright spot to the the right is a foreground star from our galaxy. To determine if something is a supernova you would have to have at least two images. One before and one after.

    happy hunting 😄