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what da?

  • wugga6969 by wugga6969

    can anybody tell me which kind of a galaxy coud this be ? thanx a lot helping.


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    First up - I have had to edit the title of this thread as profanity is not allowed on this site - we are family friendly.

    Secondly - the galaxy at the center looks like an S0 Lenticular galaxy, the other 2 round objects are foreground stars from our own galaxy.


  • Wisi_EU by Wisi_EU

    I can never understand how surprise or misunderstanding leads people to swearing ... XD and I'd say E7 (or at least E) but that's just me (bulge looks too round and profile unclear) anyway I'd be curious to look at the sersic. For example NGC5866 (M102) could be a controversial example of a lenticular ... ^^