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Blue Line

  • Janee0905 by Janee0905

    I am new to this but not sure how to mention this blue line, it also has a small galaxy in the blue line. I wondred if this is interference of some kind or caused by an object?


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to Janee0905's comment.

    Welcome to Galaxy Zoo, Janee0905!

    That's a special kind of artifact, a #satellitetrail. A fast moving object passed through the field of view of the camera, while it was 'looking' at the galaxy. Because of the way the arrangement of the five filters in front of the five blocks of CCDs that comprises the core of the camera, fast moving objects will typically show as just one pure color, blue, green (the most common), and red (the other two colors are not used to make the images we see). Of course, the fast moving object may be an airplane, or a meteor, but most commonly it's a satellite.

    Happy hunting! 😃