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Why so few details?

  • flypurplecat by flypurplecat

    Look, first time around, seems like there were more ?'s. With experience, shouldn't they ask more? This looks like a counter clockwise spiral , slightly edge on, with probable connecting central bar or disk. Maybe I'm over-analysing. I'm online late usually so probably no one reads. I spend time looking at galaxies & clusters every day. Anyone else just for fun?


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to christinestill's comment.

    The questions you get asked when classifying depend on how you initially classify the image (the 'classification tree').

    If you said the image was 'Smooth' you would then get no questions related to spiral or disk galaxies.

    If you classified the galaxy as having 'Feature or disk' and being a 'edge-on', you would not be asked if it has spiral arms or a bar. As you would not be able these feature in a edge on galaxy 😃

    We no longer ask volunteers to classify whether a spiral is clockwise or anti-clockwise, we only did this in GZ1.

    Hope this helps 😃