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What are these?

  • sakura_no_hana by sakura_no_hana


    I have just begun classifying objects...Can anyone tell me what are these two? Stars?


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    Hi and welcome @sakura_no_hana 😃

    They are all foreground stars, the weird colour is down to filter / imaging errors. You can find info here.

    Happy Hunting!


  • jeffreyhrwtz by jeffreyhrwtz

    If you're not sure what it is click at the top of the screen for 'examples' and you will see group of images that resemble what the team is looking for. If you're not sure, the image will still be reviewed by several other volunteers, so don't worry! Keep looking at the 'discuss' board, as many experts along with the volunteers discuss what we are seeing. I also suggest looking at the APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day site) to see what's new in the field of astronomy. By the way, this object seems to be a 'artifact'; (Star close to earth, overexposure, etc.) its strange coloration occurs due to its closeness to our galaxy. Other fainter objects we will see are literally at the edge of the 'visible universe'. Good luck with classifying!