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What is this? (do not expect much)

  • ChuckAndJohn by ChuckAndJohn

    Is this an image zoomed in too far, which focuses on which photons mostly travel at a frequency that appears 'green' from the visible light spectrum? The inverted image is the composition of waves that are sensitive to the other two cones in the eye (that sense red and blue light). Is this glare or something else? If you look up at this image, can you see specks? Could this be of significance? Or is this a reject?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi ChuckandJohn and welcome to the Zoo

    This is a bad image from the edge of the survey. Lots of imaging and filter problems. But it looks kinda funny in the extreme zoomed out view. It is lovingly called 'the Cosmic Scarf' !

    enter image description here

    Happy hunting !😄