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super nova

  • deuterijum by deuterijum

    sinbad says that on this picture we have supernova.... is it a mistake?


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to deuterijum's comment.

    Although NED has 2 SN listed in this general region - neither of them were hosted by the galaxy at the center of the image.

    1 2MASX J03095852+1913393 03h09m58.5s +19d13m40s G
    2 SN 2008gy 03h10m00.9s +19d13m23s SN
    3 SN 2013gv 03h09m57.3s +19d12m49s SN

    SN are so transient, it is pretty much hit and miss as to whether the reported SN would be visible on the corresponding SDSS image.

    The images below are rotated, in the first image the galaxy that you classified is in the upper right quadrant.

    Location of SN2008gy:

    SN 2008gy

    Location of SN 2013gv:

    enter image description here

    (if the images are not visible, it means SkyServer is having problems - try viewing them later)