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Smooth galaxies created by death of black hole: Spheres within Spheres?

  • Gtar by Gtar

    Formation of a smooth ball galaxy by the end of a black hole?

    Does a black hole end elastically (equal and opposite reactions) and sustained by magnetic field separation of fully formed stars, hence the galactic spherical shape and the lack of planets orbiting the stars?

    ? Inside the black hole the matter spheres would pull apart the non interacting but force reactive matter at the center, the particles could be inverted thus creating Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Dark Matter or not, these particles possibly keep the spheres separated. ?

    ?If the material at the center is distributed between the matter spheres the black hole could go from gravitational spiral to a void shaped like an origami four pointed star or arc to angle. If this occurs could the black hole release because of elasticity and disperse because of magnetic field repulsion without explosion?

    ?Is it possible that when matter enters a black hole it creates eddies within the vortex (i.e. planet formation) and as the black hole slows its rotation the matter eddies collectively take up positions approximating a sphere similar to movement of matter inside a star?