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Can´t Classify

  • ECDL_1985_D by ECDL_1985_D

    Clumpy & irregular form? Looks weird... with that "tail"


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Definitely looks weird ! 😄

    It could be one irregular galaxy with a star forming area at the bottom. Or it could be two (irregular) galaxies interacting. It is your call ! Just answer the questions as well as you can ! 😄

    Happy hunting ! 😄


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to ECDL_1985_D's comment.

    It could also be 2 galaxies merging with a tidal tail above the upper blue galaxy. Just try your best - there is no wrong answer 😃

    Edited to add: The orange galaxy is unconnected to the central galaxy / galaxies 😃