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a little confused

  • FleaMedia by FleaMedia

    Is this lumpy with one lump in the middle or is it smooth cigar shaped sa there is no defined edge to the bright spot?

    Got pointed here from SciShow Space and just getting my bearings,

    I think the questions may be a little ambiguous.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Clumpy galaxies need a lot of magnification to be seen. I can see a clumpy galaxy above the target galaxy. They are blue and have an irregular shape. The zoomed in images look more pixellated. The target galaxy in the center of the image is closer to us, so it appears larger and needs a zoomed out image. It looks like an edge-on galaxy, with a bulging nucleus. So I would classify as

    Features or disk, clumpy -no, Could this be a disk viewed edge-on? yes, rounded bulge, anything odd-no.

    I will suggest that there should be more examples on the classification page.

    Ellipticals are blobs from any direction, shaped like a rugby ball, American football, watermelon, avocado, .. take your pick. If you see them from one side, they are completely round, if you see them from the another, they are in-between. Ellipticals are never cigar shaped. If you see something long and thin with no detail, you are seeing an distant edge-on galaxy that has no nuclear bulge.

    Here is an example of an inbetween shaped elliptical.

    enter image description here

    Having a nucleus doesn't count as detail.

    cigar shaped

    enter image description here