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rotating disk

  • Edgar_Korteweg by Edgar_Korteweg

    Hi folks

    could this be a rotating disk that is reddish one side and blue-ish the opposing side due to the doppler effect ??

    gr edgar


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Redshift / Blueshift can be detected in rotating galaxies, but it takes more sensitive equipment than this to do a good job for such distant galaxies.. See these Galaxy Zoo Forum posts for descriptions of nearby galaxies.

    enter image description here Saturday, 12 June 2010: Hydrogen on the radio by EigenState

    Can the z's indicate galactic spin? by nerthus and NGC3314;topicseen#msg95553 a good try in SDSS, though the images are now removed.

    Re: Wednesday, 12th October, 2011: Kinematically Confirmed Polar Ring Galaxies by Jean Tate

    All galaxies rotate. Some rotate in an organized way, such as spirals. Some in a more chaotic way, such as ellipticals and irregulars.

    The blue in the center is due to the bluer light coming from an active nucleus.