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bar and rings

  • brethold28 by brethold28

    whats goin on here its eliptical with what looks like two rings or two clouds with different density right but the bar suggests a feeding black hole to doesnt it?


  • bernoullilemniscate by bernoullilemniscate in response to cyanidekillz28's comment.

    Those are rings. this a nice example of galactic rings. the inner one is called an inner ring and the outer one is called an outer ring. Real original nomenclature Huh? Inner rings seem to be rather common but outer rings much less so. If the galaxy has a bar the inner ring very often seems to be attached to the ends of the bar.Some galaxies have an ellipsoidal area around the nucleus and bar (if it has one). I haven't found out what you would call this feature although it seems to me that it is related to the ring features. There is also a nuclear ring which I don't know what they look like. Hope this helps.