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Classifying help

  • Tonibee by Tonibee

    This is a good example of an image that is really hard to discern if it has features or not. In some cases, a less fuzzy image would reveal a spiral or bar or a plain eliptical, perhaps with a dustring in this example. It always worries me that time and time again - even after more than a couple of thousand classifications - I click fuzzy images as having no features, when many of them would have visible features with sharper imaging. Over time, it's clear that in the images, a plain eliptical and a fuzzy featured are different, but only going by what I see I must still mark them both as featureless.

    What do others make of this example in particular? How would you classify it. I chose no features and #dustring. It was hard to discount a bar, and now I think I was wrong to do so.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    I would choose "no features" and that would do for now. I'm sure in the future we will get images with better resolution. Most of the blobs and lines are artifacts of compression for transmission.

    SkyServer is only slightly better.

    enter image description here