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    How does one do it?


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    There are instructions for posting from SkyServer in the left column Recent Discussions when you are in Recent #1 How do I : Find out more information about the galaxy I have classified? Lovely large galaxy nearby! NGC 6822 ? NGC6822 and a nebula, a supernova remnant

    NED Abstract

    Copyright by Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Reproduced by


                IC 1613 X-1: A Galaxy Cluster at z ~ 0.2
                    Behind a Local Group Dwarf Galaxy
                            PAUL B. ESKRIDGE Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge,   Massachusetts

    02138 and Department of Physics and Astronomy, University
    of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 354872
    Electronic mail:
    Received 1995 February 21; accepted 1995 March 21

    ABSTRACT. Based on Einstein IPC imaging and spectroscopy, optical
    spectroscopy, and optical imaging, I argue that the X rays seen in the
    direction of the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy IC 1613 are mainly
    due to emission from a previously uncataloged cluster of galaxies (CL
    B0102+0146) at a redshift of z ~ 0.2 and of richness class ~3,
    centered at the IPC X-ray position. The Einstein data are not adequate
    to determine if the X rays are due to cluster emission or an AGN.
    However, both the available optical data, and the nondetection of
    this object in deep radio surveys argue that a hot intracluster
    medium is the source of the X-ray emission. The X-ray flux of this
    cluster in the Einstein IPC band (0.2-4.0 keV) is higher than 78% of
    the clusters in the Einstein Extended Medium Sensitivity Survey
    sample of Gioia et al. (1990). It is thus likely that only its
    position behind IC 1613 prevented its earlier identification.

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    thank you very much!


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    Nice find turelli thanks for sharing, and budgieye for the photo 😃


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    Thanks turelli, Budgieye for sharing this.

    Question Budgieye. The green blue clumps to the NE of IC 1613 are HII regions and the remnants of the SN explosion yes? I'm trying to track down the position of S8. The bright green object at the southern end of this HII /SNR region? SDSS is no help here. I'm referencing figure 2 in the LOZINSKAYA + (1998) paper you mentioned above, As an aside there should be a radio lobe there also. Can you help with the location of S8?