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"Prism" Galaxy

  • JoachimW84 by JoachimW84

    My first couple of objects here, found this website through Brady Harans videos on youtube and I just love it.

    Anyways, this one looks funky. I think it could be a galaxy edge on but the colours are weird. Why would you have red on top of the disk and green on the bottom?

    I lack a higher physical education, so this could be nothing here but as a layman I am quite interested in the topic and I think it might be something that is worth dissecting.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi JoachimW84 and welcome to the Zoo

    You are correct : it is a disk or spiral galaxy seen edge on. But the colors are not real. Looks like a misalignment of the filters.

    Glad you like it here !😄

    happy hunting !