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Multiple galaxies

  • Ponderwomum by Ponderwomum

    The galaxy at the centre to be classified appears to be merging with another is this correct? Also to the bottom left of the image there seems to be a side view of a galaxy. Is this featured in a separate image for classification?
    There also appears to be more galaxies at the top of the image again the far left of the group seems to be an elliptical shape indicating it may be a side view of a galaxy.


  • KWillett by KWillett scientist, admin, translator

    For every image in Galaxy Zoo, we just want to you classify the galaxy at the very center of the image. There will be other images that center and ask users to classify nearby sources, but we need to avoid confusion and make sure everyone classifies the same sources in each image.

    Yes - this looks like a potential merger, although it's interesting that we don't see any signs of tidal debris.


  • bluemagi by bluemagi

    The navigate in SDSS says the center is a galaxy but the top one is a star. So it isn't a merger. Don't know what the bottom one is. There is no sign of any center. Multi galaxies all over the place.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Yeah, a bit of a mish-mash there.

    enter image description here