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  • shocko61 by shocko61

    with this image When I was classifying the last step IE". Do you see any of these features in the image " the features did not respond to any mouse clicking , I wanted to invert the image nothing happened , I wanted to click Over lapping again, to no avail . Why I am notifying you about this . It is the second time it has happened , in half an hour,the interface was not responding , I had to keep clicking on the image and interface to get a response . I am using Windows 7 . 64 bit Professional FireFox browser .The time it took to get a responce was about 1minute ,Each time .I have not had any delays in all the time I have used GZ . I just thought you should know . The internet is not slow and I do not think it is my computer , Every thing is running at normal speed . Cheers . Ian Shocko61 :