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How do you classify this?

  • JohnnyRevolver by JohnnyRevolver

    So this kind of galaxy appears quite often, yet I don't really know how to classify them. As far as I know they are babygalaxies which didn't form yet, so you can't really say what type of galaxy it is. They are not round, not spiral-shaped, no disks, basically nothing special apart from being nothing specific. So how do you classify them?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi JohnnyRevolver and welcome to the Zoo

    This is a simulated galaxy from the Illustris dataet. See here :

    As for the classification, you could go for : features or disk - not an edge on - no bar - no spiral - no bulge - something odd : irregular or disturbed

    Just answer the questions as well as you can. ! 😄

    Happy hunting !