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What needs to be classified?

  • TheaN9813 by TheaN9813

    I wasn't sure what to classify here. Am I suppose to classify the irregular galaxy? Or is the irregular galaxy overlapping the galaxy that is suppose to be classified?


  • danno77 by danno77

    I would classify it as overlapping, and classify the one that appears as an edge on with a central bulge. Not possible to tell if it is merging, and the bars seem too linear for a dust cloud so I would say it has 'Other' feature in the final classification. 😄


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi TheaN9813

    Always classify the object in the centre of the image and here that is indeed the edge on disk or spiral galaxy. The fuzzy blue one is much closer to us, so overlap is the correct choice. The coloured lines are not dust lines but are just optical artifacts and should not be marked.

    Happy hunting ! 😄